Thursday, 25 December 2014

Photoshoot for JEE and shoot with Rocci!

I was super lucky that my friend Yue is releasing her own brand and she wanted me to model for her. Her brand designs are like nothing I have ever seen, they are uber edgy, street and even futuristic, but also really cute too.

You can view her shop here;
All credit goes to Yue Kihara.
Photographer: Rocci photographer
Rocci's intagram: rocci_photographer

The theme of the shoot was death. I had to look as though I had my throat cut and had wrote the brand name in my blood; another model had to look like she had fallen down the stairs and the final model was being choked, I had never done this kind of edgy shoot before so it was extremely challenging and exciting.

The location was in Omotesando, in one of the little stylish sidestreets. We did our makeup ourselves beforehand and then Yue added jewels to our faces.

The shoot itself was really fun and energetic, I got to meet a lot of cute models. I mean, isn't Emu beautiful?! I think modeling with cute girls gives me a lot more confidence.

Also one of the models is frequently featured in Kera. She was so petite and cute, I was happy that in this shoot there were different kinds of models in different sizes and races.

Yue is also so beautiful herself, as well as being a talented designer. I feel so lucky having such talented and beautiful friends!

After this shoot had finished, the photographer Rocci invited me for another shoot.

It was in the same location in Omotesando on a chilly day, so I  wore a Liz lisa lilac fur set with a Liz Lisa coat. The shots came out very natural and mode. I think Rocci's camera is magic!

His instagram he posts fashion snaps every day, you should check them out and maybe even ask to be featured in one~

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