Thursday, 25 December 2014

NHK TV show

As you know sometimes I am on Japanese television doing stupid and embarrassing things. This time was no exception as I did a TV show called Prekisu Eigo, which is a television show educating children in English.

This particular episode aptly named "I am bored" is about teaching children emotive words, so for this the location was at a theme park!

It was by coincidence that my good friend Brett was also doing it, so it ended up being super fun. As well as pay, we got free tickets to Yomiuri land and had as much free food as we wanted!

We were featured on roller-coasters ferris wheels and haunted houses, the whole time we simply had to say how we felt, such as " I am excited" or "I feel refreshed". The park was pretty much empty so we got to ride a lot of things, my favorite attraction was the Go-Karts, they were so dinky and you could go up little bridges and through tunnels.

This show was for kids on a pretty sober channel so of course I couldn't have big hair and Gyaru make, but I actually had a lot of fun and would definately do it again!

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