Thursday, 25 December 2014

Gyaru meet ups with Sui!

The lovely Sui came over from Germany so it was such a great opportunity to have some Gyaru meets and go drinking~
I got to meet a lot more international Gyarus over those few days too!

Of course the first thing we did was get hair set and then head to the Purikura place in Shinjuku, but that's pretty standard now. I went full hime-gyaru and everyone had a princess look about them, I felt so fantastic walking around Tokyo accompanied by such beautiful princesses >-<

Sui was only here for a couple of weeks but I would like to think that in that time we became great friends, not only is she stylish and beautiful but she also has a really kind hard and is HILARIOUS.  The conversations we all had that night should NEVER be repeated >-<
That night we were also lucky enough to be invited by one of our friends to eat free pancakes at her students Hawaiian restaurant, I don't think the day could have been more perfect than that!

I wore an Angelic Pretty floral JSK with the necklace that Leo bought me from Puroland, you can still kind of see the purple in my extensions in selfie photos but extension colours don't seem to come out at all in Purikura.

Also it was the first time me and Senpai had ever done Purikura alone together! I couldn't believe it, we were friends for about a year already.

Of course everyone looked stunning and rocked their own individual styles!

The next meet was a little bit sad because we were sort of saying goodbye to Sui.

She wore Kokokim and Swankiss and I wore a lilac Liz Lisa set.

That day we got to meet a lot of other beautiful GALs who were on holiday from their countries too and all headed to the Izakaya for nomihoudai.

All I remember about this moment was Sui getting excited to use her new selfie stick >-<

Finally our last Purikura before she went home. The sad thing about living here is that you have to say goodbye to people a lot, but you also make some amazing and unforgettable memories too!

Also my god I was drunk here D;

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