Saturday, 15 November 2014

X Japan concert and meet!

Following my last post about modeling agencies, one of my agencies ( I can't say which! D;) gave me and my friend who is part of the same agency, free tickets to the X Japan concert in Yokohama arena!!!

The tickets sold out within seconds so this was an amazing opportunity, I actually saw them when they performed in London for their world tour, that show had so much energy and charisma so I was extremely excited to see them perform again.

My outfit for that day was gothic/punk with big back-combed hair, which was an ode to that old Visual Kei style that I miss and love.
Upon reaching the arena, we were given our tickets and were greeted by a fleet of Hide cosplayers. I couldn't believe how accurate and intricate their cosplays were!

It is evident that the spirit and essence of Hide still lives on in the hearts of his fans! I actually prefer older bands such as X, L'arc en Ciel, Luna Sea and Buck Tick to the newer style of visual kei, which seems to more about being an ikemen and winning fans rather than making epic music.

We sat with the other models in the "guest" area which was center middle, it was such a perfect seat, directly in front of the band!

My favorite part of the show, as in London, was Sugizo and Yoshiki's classical duet. They both started out as classical musicians before moving into rock, which is why their music is so varied and vibrant <3

Of course, the high light would be Kurenai, when the beat picked up silver sparkling confetti exploded into the audience and the crowd went wild. Of course Japanese concerts are still very orderly, though.

At the end, the manager of the model agency came up to us models (about 10 in total) and said there was a chance we could meet X. Of course my heart was nearly leaping out of my chest, X Japan have been idols of mine for a long time and Yoshiki is of course a musical genius.

We waited around for about 40 minutes where we first met Sugizo, who was so down to earth and chatting about the clothes he was wearing during the show, but had changed to a T-shirt and flip flops. Toshi zoomed past with his bodyguards so we were unable to see him, but soon we were beckoned in to a party room with press and Yoshiki! Some other famous people were there but the only person I recognized was Shinya from Dir en Gray.

We had some wine and chatted in the room before being able to speak with Yoshiki (between his interviews) and have our pictures with him. I was able to tell him how electric his London show was, so I was happy.

All in all it was one of the best experiences of my life, he was so kind and gentle in person dispite being visibly exhausted.


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