Saturday, 15 November 2014

The first date with Leo

This feels weird talking about because we have already been dating 3(?) months, but I haven't had time to blog since. After the colossal failure of my last relationship ( I will probably blog about it at a later date if anyone is interested), I was a little hesitant to date anyone.

I met Leo through Instagram who was Japanese but was doing a homestay in America, he was interested in fashion so we we able to talk a lot through LINE, he was enjoying the English practice I guess and I was enjoying speaking to a guy who had similar interests that wasn't a massive cock womble. I was super busy at that time so we couldn't talk so much but, when he arrived back in Japan we agreed to meet because he hadn't got to do many fun things since being back and I wanted him to show me around Nakano. I thought he was attractive but at the time my head was full of work so I didn't even consider dating him, but I had a free day so we decided to meet at Nakano broadway.

When I first saw him I had a sort of "Yabaiiiiiii" feeling, meeting him properly in person was a lot different to speaking on LINE, I was super nervous, but he showed me many new things in Nakano!

Nakano was literally one station from my house and I had never been there before, it made me realize how compact and wondrous Tokyo is, I am still discovering little gems on my doorstop.

At first it wasn't really a date but, it just so happened that date fell upon my "Japanniversary"of one year in Japan, so he bought me dinner and the most ridiculous ice cream I have ever seen.

Nakano itself is famous for rare Otaku finds, for example there are lots of shops that sell toys from the Showa era, of course there are Gundams, manga books and other such things, but Nakano is a more niche, cheaper and less touristy version of Akihabara. 

The aforementioned ice cream is a famous point of Nakano broadway, I believe my flavours were melon, green tea, caramel, sweet potato and bubblegum maybe? This was only a stack of four, but you can buy a stack of eight one. I forgot to mention that we met on one of the most humid days of Japanese summer, so of course eating this ice cream turned in to a huge creamy catastrophe and melted all over me, the floor, my clothes and his clothes. I remember thinking "Christ, he's never going to want to see me again, I can't even eat an ice cream without causing chaos"

That day we got to do a lot of things, we explored Nakano broadway, played darts and had a delicious Italian dinner. We spoke a lot about our difference in accents and language, during his homestay he gained a strong Californian accent, while mine ranges from Essex to London, with hints of American drummed in from a year of teaching American English at public school. D:
To this day he still doesn't understand some things I say, like aubergine, trackies, arse. X3

I was shocked that after our first meeting he actually asked me out on a proper date, not scared away by my British eccentricity huhuhu~

This time we played in Harajuku and did some shopping, tried some new food and played darts in Shinjuku~ Then that evening he asked me to be his girlfriend, it was pretty out of blue but I thought "eh, I like this one ;D"

Since that time he has helped me so much and been there for me, more than he needed to and more than I had expected, so I am both super grateful and happy he's by my side!

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