Saturday, 15 November 2014

The best present!

This is a small appreciation post for my Eikaiwa student, Takako.
If you have read my blog before you will know that I often teach a Japanese woman who is a master at Japanese tea ceremony and a lover of traditional culture such as yukata.

Matsuri season was in full swing so one lesson, as a surprise, she brought me one of her yukata as a present!
This was a very rare and special yukata, made from special cloth and a very rare design - red and blue English roses!
Takako also loves English culture and English flowers~

It so happens that my work friend Masato is in a yukata circle, so for her next lesson we both wore yukata and I taught a special yukata themed lesson.

She had to demonstrate how to put on a male yukata in English to me and see if I could follow her instructions if they were clear enough, Masato was kind enough to be our model~

It turns out that male obis, although they look simpler are a lot more complicated to tie!

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