Friday, 14 November 2014

SUPER NEWS - Fuji TV show

Long time no see~

I will have stable internet soon to update everyone on my batshit life, so until then here are a few posts about what I have done since!

Jordan and I were accosted by a Japanese filming crew from Fuji TV when we were having a casual game of Taiko no Tatsujin in Shinjuku. Everyone knows that Japanese TV crews are like vultures and tend to not take no for an answer, on this occasion we had some time to kill so we joined them. They were filming for a spot on SUPER NEWS about Gaijin indulging in Japanese Game center culture.
I actually don't see how any of what was broadcasted could be classified as "news" but the whole thing was pretty fun.

I had to dash about the game center in Kabukicho and give my recommendations of what I like to do there, feebly try to win a plushie alpaca and then do some some purikura, They wanted me to "teach" foreigners about something in the game center, I am sure that most foreigners living in Japan are well versed in game centers, so I showed them the cosplay booth in the Purikura section.

There you can select a cosplay from the wide selection for free or 100 yen. Some of the bigger game centers do this, in Shibuya you have to also provide ID which is a bit annoying. Their selection includes Disney, Shingeki no Kyoujin, maid, Sailor Moon and Ouran High Host Club cosplays. There is even stuff like wigs and hats but, they are all used so usually they are kind of dirty.

I chose an "Alice in Wonderland cosplay" but Jordan decided he didn't want to cosplay.

"He's going to wear the Pikachu hat"
"No I'm not, I'm not wearing th-"

~10 minutes later we had super kawaii desu purikura stickers and footage for the show.

My only regret was that the way the footage was shot it looked like me and Jordan were a couple, eventhough we clearly stated that we were not, nor have ever been a couple xD

That kind of thing can't be avoided when it comes to journalists though. I do a lot of TV work these days so I know what to expect, but if it's your first time and a TV crew approach you be very careful when thinking about what kind of image they could portray you as.

They called me an Otaku on the show, which was fine, but a lot of people don't want that kind of image. Also~ it could have been dangerous as Jordan is my work colleague in middle school, but luckily neither of us got in trouble and it was all good fun!

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