Saturday, 15 November 2014

Signing with agencies.

Here is a little bit about modeling in Japan~

You can email agencies yourself and arrange a date to sign with them, you usually send them your measurements and a few photos, this isn't so strict and more often than not they will ask you to come to the office and sign. There you have to be measured, have additional photos taken, hear about the system and then sign a contract.

The system is as follows:

The agency will email you about a job.
This email will contain information about the job, the dates for audition (if there is one) and payment. You will then check your schedule and reply with availability.

1st keep
This means you can definitely attend all audition and shooting dates.

2nd keep
I am not too sure if I can attend all

I do not want to attend or I am not available at that time.

Not all jobs are photo shoots, there is a lot of TV and variety stuff and occasionally voice acting.

After that you will wait for an email saying if you got the job or cleared to the audition.
The company will send your profile to the client and the client will decide if they want you or not.

Important information~

Depending on the agency you will be paid 1-3 months later, so be careful.
If you say 1st keep you MUST ATTEND or you could be faces with a fine and end up on the blacklist.

Most of the work is commercial so commercial no-makeup photos are best.

Payment can range from 5,000 to 200,000 depending on job. Remember you will probably have to cover your food and travel for this too.

Part 2

In this case I was scouted by the owner of the company, but NEVER trust scouters, always get a business card, confirm the company or find someone who can vouch for them, it's rare but it can be dangerous to follow scouters blindly. In this case I asked for the business card and I actually knew of this company.

I went to their office in Shibuya, filled out paper work and then came back the next day for a photo shoot.

All the agencies are different, Zeus deals a little bit too much in "adult" modeling for my liking, but they have found me legit fashion jobs. It is important to be clear with your levels.

I would recommend Acqua or Lazaris, they offer me jobs most frequently <3

Feel free to ask me any questions here!

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