Saturday, 15 November 2014

Modeling for my Senpai

Everyone needs a Senpai. I met Shiena almost exactly a year ago and I was really surprised. I was fresh off the boat in Japan and was a Lolita and knew nothing about Gyaru. I was living in Saitama at the time so busy Tokyo life and simple things like taking the train were still mystifying for me. So seeing someone who had lived in Japan for a while, mastered the language and who still remained flawless was a big inspiration. People who are deeply in-bedded in fashion groups and looked up to by fans are often intimidating but Shiena is super kind and gentle, 

This post is not about our meeting or friendship, but I thought I would lay down some background story first. She attends a fashion school and often has to style varies shoots which will be graded, this time she chose me to model for her Marc by Marc Jacob shoot.
Her styling is always on-point and creative so I was super excited to collaborate with her.

She combined Marc by Marc Jacob with Ghost of Harlem, tons of accessories for almost a formal gothic look. She also did the hair and makeup, as you can tell it's gyaru inspired!The look was very stylish, but also very sexy. We didn't have long to shoot but I feel like we totally nailed it, down to senpai's styling and direction!

The final result was better than I had imagined! I was so happy to finally do an "edgy" shoot instead of just a cute or commercial one, and Senpai got a good grade!~

Let's collaborate again someday!

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