Saturday, 15 November 2014


The world decided that Tokyo held the best Halloween party.

The streets were littered with people in ridiculous outfits; drinking, playing, making friends. It was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen!

I got to attend two events for Halloween; first was Tokyo Decadence; the Gothic and Fetish club event I attend every month, and then casually drinking with friends on the streets on the 31st

My outfit for Decadence was inspired by a sexy "Akuma" or Japanese devil. I bought the Kimono and corset from the famous fancy dress shop in Harajuku, the horns are from Donkihote and the rest is offbrand. As a group, we all went to a local hair salon in Shinjuku to get our hair set. Usually I opt for something curly and cute but on this day I wanted a dead straight pony-tail that was teased to the front.

We then proceeded to do Purikura, before having nomihoudai at an Izakaya and heading towards Decadence. The queue was so long because at Halloween time, they open a lot of additional rooms at Decadence and turn it into a Haunted house! Before entering the main club you have to weave through monsters, mud monsters and clowns with chainsaws.

 Inside Decadence I met my favourite gimp! He enjoyed tasting my boots and katana for awhile~

We drank and danced all night, there were various shows such as men electricuting their genitalia, bondage shows and various bands performing.

There was also an after party at DecabarZ in Kabukicho from 5am with tabehoudai curry! Walking home at 7am I did give some businessmen a fright in my full makeup and outfit!

Halloween part 2

My band of nutcases and I headed to Shibuya for a night of drinking and debauchery as usual, I got to meet the gorgeous Sui and her friends for the first time!

For this night I bought a cheap witch cosplay from Donkihote, the hair make really covered it though!

Sui, Ruru and Sari are all so cute! Meeting Sui for the first time was kind of intimidating, only speaking online and seeing her flawless pictures on Instagram, but actually she was amazingly down to earth and bubbly and kind!

Leo cosplayed as Gintoki from Gintama, he looked sooo awesome, especially with make-up, it was yabai haha>

Of course we had a huge izakaya gathering and nomihoudai, but it was so busy so it took so long for us to get any drinks, so of course we didn't end up getting drunk xD

Meeting Sui for the first time was awesome, she was such a cuuuute unicorn, there was even blood on the horn!

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