Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Campus Summit - Gyaru convention.

Campus Summit is an event that I have heard about for a long time, its like a celebration of Gyaru culture, old and new, held in Shibuya annually. This was an indoor event in a giant hall where lives are usually held and the event was a mixture of fashion shows, music and dance performances, guest appearances and product advertisements.

The guest appearances included Gyaru models from Ageha, Black Diamond and Vivid Gal units and some singers and dance groups. The fashion shows were a little bland as the styles were a little toned down, they showcased 109 brands such as Honey Bunch and OneSpo.
My favourite part of the entire event were the Para Para dance shows; I had never seen Para Para in real life before, it was strangely hypnotic. Vivid members put on two perfectly synced Para Para shows!

The event itself was really packed, with people in various styles of fashion, it was awesome to see such a congregation of fashionistas in Shibuya, especially seeing them all waiting outside the conbini!

My outfit for that day was a Rokku Gyaru look wearing mostly Glavil, the zipper skirt is a super popular item right now, I bought it in leopard print. The super urban backstreets of Tokyo made a good setting for everyone's fashion I thought. The only problem was the intense humidity that was made everyone's makeup melt off.

I made a new friend from Germany that day too, one good thing about Tokyo is that you can meet people from all around the world and more likely than not those people share similar interests with you.

After the show I met Ashley for a purikura session and then we headed to club Camelot for a night of drinking and debauchery~ She makes a really sexy Rokku chick, don't you think?

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