Sunday, 1 June 2014

Modeling Yukata in Asakusa~

I was lucky enough to be able to model Yukata for Kawaii,i and a quaint little Yukata shop in Asakusa. It was on the doorstep of Sensoji temple - a place famous for bad fortunes and  one of my favourite places in Tokyo. The shop itself was so clean and fashionable looking so I assumed the staff would be a little cold, but actually they were all so welcoming, friendly and kind, it made the whole experience so much more enjoyable.

The yukata in the store were all so modern looking - bright bold colours and prints, they looked so summery. I had worn furisode and hakuma before, so I assumed the clothes would be really restricting and stuffy, but actually the yukata were so airy and comfortable! I can see why they are so popular in summer, the yukata itself was made from cotton so it was soft, light and easy to breathe in.

Firstly I modeled a black and white gingham ensemble with a matching parasol. Although obviously the shape was completely different to Lolita, the lace, print and parasol were very much comparable to the Lolita aesthetic.

Next up was a right red gingham cat print yukata with a candy-stripe obi. I spoke with the owner of the store who was wearing the same yukata in blue and he said the concept for their store came from a cat he once knew that guarded an apartment building. No-one lived in that apartment building and the cat had no name, it is a pretty mysterious story. That cat is used throghout the store and was used as a design for some of the Yukatas!

The owner of the store even posed with me! He was extremely gentle, kind and spoke really good English! He said it was like walking with his daughter.

Finally we were given delicious plum tea and a cat-shaped biscuit to go with the theme of the store in the mini-cafe upstairs. There was upbeat and melodic classical music being played and old-fashioned mis-matched furniture, it felt like I had stepped straight in to a Ghibli movie!

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