Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Kabukicho hair set and Girl's day!

Hair set in Kabukicho!

Vanessa showed us a great place to get our hair sets; it was only 1600 yen and you could pretty much pick which style you wanted. They had magazines such as "Host" and "Ageha" so if you couldn't explain what you wanted, you could just point at a picture. The place didn't look fancy from the outside, but inside the interior was quite luxurious and they played great music while we had our hair done. I chose a half-up do, the  same as Rosanna, as we saw another girl having her hair done in this style and it looked awesome. I was actually surprised, it was as though they were using some kind of magic hairspray because in the end our hair ended up being monstrously big.

I chose such a big bouffant because the outfit of the day was hime-gyaru; a baby pink La Parfait dress with lots of bows and ruffles, dusty pink winged heels from OneSpo and lots of accessories from my favourite accessory store Ruby Rose. 

Of course after getting our hair done, there was only one logical place to go - to the Taito arcade for some Purikura and games! 

For that week I got to spend time with Rosanna; she had been part of the UK GAL community for a long time but I had never got time to hang out with her until now, when she came to Tokyo on business. Her and her fiance Bobby ended up being really lovely and I can't wait for them to come back. That's one bad thing about being here, you meet so many amazing people who come on holiday, but then you have to say goodbye.....

We had a bash at Taiko no Tatsujin and ate some delicious Udon, everyone went Karaoke and clubbing, but I ended up going home early because I had a fever >-<

At least a couple of days later we got to hang out again:

This time with Emi! 
It was Rosanna and Bobby's last night in Tokyo, so we ended up going to an izakaya, where they met Daiki and saw how much of a nut case he is ;D

That night I dressed slightly more Rokku, but still with lashings of pink. 
My top is from Glavil by Tututuha and the choker is from H.Naoto. Everything else is Offbrand.

I am excited for the next meet up, I think fashion is at its best when it brings people together.

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