Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Harajuku Fashion Date.

Harajuku Play time!

I've grown too accustomed to pink lately, which is a little sad because the roots of what got me in to Japanese fashion is old school Visual Kei music like Malice Mizer and Buck Tick. Therefore me and Emi decided to dress a little more Gothic. Her style looked super kodona to me, so I kept holding her hand and calling it a date ;D 

I wore Holy Lantern in black by AP, with a Surface Spell rose broach and VAMPS necklace, Emi wore an AaTP blouse, Algoquins waist coat and skirt and lots of gothic accessories. Did you see? We even had matching hair bows >-<

I back combed the shit out of my hair, but it was stifling that day so all the volume just sweated out, I need to find the hair spray they use at the hair make places.

Although we live pretty close to Harajuku we rarely visit there, which is kind of sad considering it is or was considered the fashion Mecca of Tokyo. I made sure to buy a ton of accessories from Chocomint before we left; they were only 325yen each! Although they are all super pastel so I may have to put together a Fairy-Kei co-ord of some kind....

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