Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Alce in Wonderland Cafe in Shibuya!

Finding the Alice in Wonderland cafe in Shibuya is like falling down the rabbit hole a little bit; it was so hard to find!
There are more branches, I believe one of them is in Ginza, but the Shibuya one is rumored to be the best so we decided to go there.

Inside the interior is gorgeous! The chairs are built around a giant carousel and there is gorgeous Alice in Wonderland art everywhere. The music is all classic Disney songs played on repeat, so it was fun guessing them all because they used more obscure ones like "Chim Chim Chimney" from 'Mary Poppins'.

The food was really delicious and although a little expensive, it was more reasonable than I expected for a themed cafe in the heart of Shibuya. To start I had mixed seafood spaghetti; the sauce was actually pink!

And then for dessert I chose the aptly named "Queen of Hearts" brownie. Everything was delicious and well presented. You could get all-you-can-drink from the juice bar and that included many different kinds of tea!

I was pleasantly surprised with the whole cafe, I definitely want to visit there again, my only complaint would be that the waitresses who were dressed like Alice had very cheap costumes. They looked like something you would buy from Donquixote or something, it just didn't match the elegant interior unfortunately....

Afterwards of course me and Sapphira did Purikura! We both dressed in Elegant/Gothic Lolita and our navy-blue outfits matched well.

I was wearing the jellyfish print dress from Krad Lanrete and a laced bunny headdress.

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