Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Pink hair extensions, clubbing and winding up in a host club.

I got asked by the lovely Vanessa to go to a Gyaru event in Tokyo, so I decided that I should try and get my hair done in Kabukicho in true Gyaru fashion.

Thus one of my friends took me to her boyfriend's salon and I decided on -pink- extensions. Of course they would be pink~

The entire set cost me 3500yen, which is super cheap, especially going by UK prices, and they were woven in to my actual hair. My normal hair is long and thick like a lions mane, so this definitely made for some interesting hair >__< The stylist brushed some blonde extensions in to them to give them a more pastel and subtle effect and make them blend in to my actual hair more.

I think they go perfectly with my style of choice - hime-gyaru. <3

After I got my hurr did, I went to the Gyaru event with Vanessa. Not before taking Purikura of course; Vanessa wore a casual Oneegyaru, while I wore a more decadent hime-gyaru -

It turned out that there were a lot of famous Gyaruo models there and actually - hosts too. The world of host clubs didn't and still doesn't interest me, so I didn't really think about it too much. I just felt as though they acted very.....Extravagent....At one point showering one of the hosts in champagne. I was like...MOTTAINAI!!!

This particular event was nomihoudai, there was free-flowing champagne and tequila shots, so naturally I got more than a little squiffy ;D
The event started to just be about showering these random Gyaruos with admiration and boosting their egos, I didn't mind so much but I decided instead to dance around on the dance floor like a loon. I ended up getting a lot of people dancing, diverting the attention away from the Gyaruos and forcing them to dance too, which was funny in itself. The tequila shot girls had no luck giving out free tequila, so ended up drinking it themselves and passing out. Thus I picked up their lifeless bodies and was dancing with them >__<
The "VIPs" must have realized what a nutcase I was because before I knew it I was dragged into a secret room full of people drinking more champagne.
"Welcome to the VIP room!"
"I don't want to be here I want to be out there dancing"
"We have Pizza!"
-sits down and eats pizza-
By the end of the night I ended up getting one guys LINE ID who seemed pretty interesting, he wasn't really gyaruo at all or really an Ikemen, but somehow I ended up striking a conversation with him and agreeing to meet him and his friends for drinks.
Me and Vanessa headed to Camelot, but after copious amounts of Tequila, Vanessa started falling asleep and went home. Thus this random guy asked "Lets meet my friends for drinks".
Had I not been completely battered I wouldn't have agreed to such a ridiculous and dangerous thing but, as I was otherwise intoxicated I ended up getting in a Taxi and going to this bar. I had a bad feeling when the Taxi pulled in to Kabukicho....
"This isn't a host bar is it?"
"Of course not"
But actually it was something called a "Boys Bar". I have nothing against host, hostess clubs, boys or girls bars but personally that doesn't interest me. So I was pretty pissed off when I found out I was dragged into a similar establishment. Of course five of the "waiters" instantly flocked to me and started drinking, pandering to me with compliments, singing me songs and telling me jokes. I had one drink, I drank it and asked for the cheque. My one drink cost 1k yen but the bill ended up being 6k, naturally because I had ended up paying for the "boys" drinks.
I was pretty mad, I called the guy who took me there every name under the sun in Japanese before I left, but I was more angry at myself. Its such an obvious trap to fall in to...I learnt that I will never agree to go to someone's bar again and that I definitely wouldn't go somewhere like that willingly.
So yes, I guess just b careful and dont trust boys, even if they dont look like hosts, ITS A TRAP! ;D

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