Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Die Milch Live and Fashion Show!


I got asked through an old friend of mine to take part in a fashion show for the band "Die Milch" Sapphira is a fellow model friend from London and she's one of the sweetest and kindest people I know so I was definatley up for modeling with her on the catwalk again.  I have been a fan of Die Milch for a long time, although never had seen them live. I love classical and rock music fusions, especially ones inspired by Victorian fashion!

Die Milch is definately a music act I was familiar with as they held concerts in London, which many of my friends attended. I was unable to go at that time so I was very sad, but definitely after hearing their music I had become a big fan. They are made up of a singer and violinist duet - Coco and Jasmine, with a backing band and celloist. They look, sound and perform just like porcelain dolls and their show definitely whisked me away to Victorian London <3. This is them performing my favourite song of theirs - "Mama".

Part of their show was a catwalk show featuring various styles of Lolita fashion, me and Sapphira both dressed in Classic Lolita. I was wearing Alice and the Pirates, while she was wearing JetJ. We even got our photos taken for the Gothic Lolita Bible!

There ended up being a famous Gothic Lolita Bible model at the show and also an adorable first-time Lolita model who was in Middle school!

I also met Mayumi, a cute 40-something diehard Die Milch fan, it was such a great experience to model with such a lovely and diverse range of people!
Here is a shot of me with the backing band:
After the electric performance; me, Sapphira, the band and some fans went out for all-you-can eat Korean food, as the gig was in Shin-okubo, also known as "Korea Town".
Me and Sapphira both got kimchi on our Lolita dresses >-<

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