Sunday, 2 February 2014

Moving to Shinjuku with my best friend!

I have been living in Koshigaya for about five months now and although It`s a very convenient place, there's little to do here and most of the people who live in my area are ancient.
I would suggest to anyone who wants to be an ALT, after your first contract expires you should look for another job. The likelihood being that once you have your visa, the working world is your oyster and you can get much better pay or better working conditions.

I'm in the process of being interviewed for a company that teaches through drama methods and teaches actors for television shows and movies. I'm going to miss my students and work friends so much but...In my current position there is 0 chance for promotion.

Thus me and Emi decided to split an apartment in Shinjuku; everyone says that Shinjuku is one of the most expensive places to live but if you shop around enough and go betsu betsu with a friend you can actually get a sweet deal.
Emi is someone who I have spent a lot of time with since being in Japan, we have only really known eachother about six months but, when you're completely alone in a foreign country you will notice that relationships develop a lot faster. We have both been there for each other when the other needed it and we have had some truly crazy times in Tokyo. I am so looking forward to our adventures living together in Shinjuku!

Our first night in our new apartment was hilarious. Emi had caught the flu so I went clubbing without her; I rolled out of Club Camelot at about 5:30am and then remembered I didn't know where our new apartment was, so frantically LINE called Emi. Once I realized she was asleep I then drunkenly decided to take a taxi from Shibuya to our apartment. I had the address of our apartment in Japanese and knew the driver could read it but....I forgot how extorionate the taxi fare would be!
I still remember Emi's surprise when I turned up at the door, completely wrecked wearing a big sparkly lizard jumper. After a long sleep and some recovery Mc Donalds we explored the area a little then returned home to watch Despicable Me 2 and a documentary about Hosts.
It felt so good staying with Emi because although I live in a sharehouse, the people I live with are all Japanese and therefore most of them are very distant so it can be incredibly lonely sometimes.

This is my new bedroom:

One of the big u psides of me and Emi living together is that EVERYTHING we own is pink; even the frying pans!

For now I'm returning to Koshigaya until my work finishes on the 28th, but then I can come back to Shinjuku and this will be my new home!<3

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