Thursday, 13 February 2014

Kyuushoku - Japanese lunch in middle school!

Kyuushoku - School Lunch

Lunch time is an interesting time at middle schools; there are no "dinner ladies" as the children put on cute little aprons and bandannas and dish the food out to their peers themselves and the broadcasting club airs cute jingles over the tannoy. They even play anime songs sometimes!
If there is food left you are welcome to help yourself, but if supplies are limited you have to Janken (rock,paper, scissors) for it!

Usually you will get a big bowl with some kind of meat or fish dish and another bowl with rice or soup. You will either get a dessert such as a tart or jelly or a big croissant or bread portion. 

The most common combinations I have encountered are:
Teriyaki Mackerel with Rice and salad.
Cream pasta with rice and bread
Frankfurt with salad and bread.
Beef on rice with soup.

You always get a little carton of milk; our one has the adorable Saitama mascot on, I think It's a pigeon?

Today we ate mince pork on rice with miso and shiitake soup, with a chocolate muffin. It was one of the more delicious options I think.
I always ask my students what's for lunch that day and they usually come out with something adorable like "pig soup".
I get allotted a class to eat with and during lunch we chat about our favourite movies and such, it is my favourite part of the day.

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