Monday, 3 February 2014

International Kawaii Collective and events!

After working with NHK on Kawaii.i, some of the producers thought it would be a good idea if I made a fashion group for International English speakers who model Japanese fashion; that way we could be used for events and promotions.
I created the group on Facebook and we recently hit 45 members; so far we have gotten free tickets to see a Visual Kei band, went to a "secret girls" model party and I actually got someone work for a Visual Kei music video. Next I will be planning to arrange group photo shoots so some of our members can put together a portfolio.

The prerequisites are:

 - You live in Japan
 - You have a interest in Japanese fashion
 - You would like to model Japanese fashion or do promotion work!

If you are interested in joining then just shoot me a message or request to join our page.

Moving on~

Our first official "meet" was to see my friends Band ”Ancient Myth" play at Shibuya crawl!

Their performance was amazing; the music I would describe as symphony rock, with really technical  guitar solos fused with soft classical melodies. The singer "Michal" put on an incredible performance, almost like a marionette doll come to life. I even caught the guitarist's guitar pick!
Their style was pretty unusual too, Michal wore a gorgeous mauve asymmetrical tutu, the top half was black lace and the sleeves were kimono-esque. The bassist seemed to be wearing a gothic outfit with Steampunk influences, the brown straps around his chest reminded me of Shingeki no Kyoujin!

I think everyone had a great time and I'm sure we will go to see Ancient Myth perform in the future for another electric performance!

For the gig, everyone's styles were a little different: I opted for Gothic Lolita, Emi and Eleanor wore Rokku Gyaru and Rachel chose a mature Oneegyaru style.
It didn't matter because we all got covered in sweat at the gig anyways >-<

Second event

The second event was for a party I was invited to by the Kawaii.i producers in Omotesando at a club called Origami.

It was a "Secret girls" model event, although I didn't really get the point of the event, it was free Nomihoudai and we got free false eyelashes, glue, soap and chocolate.

The drinks were all cocktails and came in quirky little plastic bubbles with red glowing ice cubes, so you couldn't lose your drink!

I got to met a few of the new members of the group that night and we got to make a lot of connections at the event.

My co-ord for that night was a pastel space theme, with a pink fluffy jumper with holographic chameleons from Galaxxxy on and my Onespo fluffy pink winged shoes.

I can't wait to see where the next event will take us!

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