Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Final week at Higashi!

As my six month contract at my middle school is drawing to a close, I am slowly saying goodbye to all my five hundred students. I feel extremely lucky to have been able to work at Higash, my work friends are incredibly kind and fun to work with and my students are lovely, funny and willing to share time with me and play Onigoko!

Naturally, some students made some leaving cards, letters and pictures for me. The pictures I have featured are from my second graders, who are about 13 years old. I love all the little pictures they drew of me, I think the one pictured above captures my genkiness perfectly!
Some kids drew me with thick eyebrows and spiky teeth though D:

The messages they left really did make me happy though; especially the ones that said I made English fun for them and that they wanted to study harder now. I think English is very important to the future of Japan which is why the ALT system is needed. Kids need to be able to play with "gaijin" and see how similar we are in some ways and different in others and actually make them want to explore other cultures. It made me so happy to see how well my students know me, they drew little alpacas on my cards because they know that alpacas are my favourite animals.
One of my cheekier students wrote "Katie should see a dentist" HA! We just covered that topic in class so I thought it was hilarious, it's amazing how you come to know and love all their individual personalities and sense of humors! Although I am leaving in two days, I will never forget my students and work friends and I will return sometimes for events and bukatsu!
Now, onwards to Shinjuku!

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