Thursday, 25 July 2013

Photos back from Shironuri shoot with MyM magazine!

After getting the photos back from this shoot, I can't even describe how happy I am with them!
This shironuri shoot I had envisioned to be very "A midsummers Nights Dream" with lots of emerald greenery, fairy dust and flowers. I think we achieved that!

We shot in Epping Forrest, which was about half an hour from London Liverpool street on the train, the journey paid off as there were so many perfect places to shoot; old mossy logs, ancient bowing trees and even thickets full of bunny rabbits!

I was modelling with the gorgeous Grace St. John and also Mary-ann. The photographer we shot with was Saoirse Clohessy, who always produces stunning results. In some of the shots, Grace threw some dried petals in the air, I think this effect came out really well and really accentuated the spring-time feel of the shoot.

Co-ord run down:

Dress: Yumetenbo
Peignoir: Vintage
Wig: Lioness
Headband: Hysteria Machine
Jacket: Bodyline.

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