Sunday, 2 June 2013

Atelier Dormir bloomer Review!

Atelier Dormir

For my first go at Shironuri I wanted to take a Cult-party Kei approach to it, I decided to wear some bloomers for a layered, lacy and doll-like look. I had never purchased bloomers before and I knew nothing about them, luckily when I posted a 'Want to buy' post, someone recommended Atelier Dormir to me. I've had pieces commissioned before so I was aware of what to expect, what I didn't expect however was how amazing her service actually was.
She made the bloomers themselves in about a day and shipped them next-day delivery as she knew I needed them quickly. On top of that she made them exactly how I wanted them, right down to the lace detail and fabric and updated me regularly with her progress.

  The bottoms of the bloomers I wanted as ruffled as possible, so she made them extra lacy! The material and lace were all of high quality and she even put little draw-string ribbons at the bottom. I also wanted them extra long so they would peep through my dress, she did this for no extra charge!
The material itself was plush and floral and so soft that I just lounge in them~

They were also nice and elastic so they would definitely fit and were extremely comfortable, there's a little bow in the top center and an adorable little Atelier Dormir tag to finish the product, it really felt and looked like a real brand <3

In action:

As well as bloomers I know she also does bows and knee socks, it looks like a relatively new company so I'm excited to see what else she makes.
Review - 
Workmanship - 5/5
~ They're perfect and exactly how I wanted them, I've worn them a few times now and they still feel new.
Speed - 5/5
~ She made them in a day *___*
Service - 5/5 
~ Very polite and offered me tons of information about the materials she used because I was a newbie to bloomers. I will definitely order from her again!

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