Sunday, 7 April 2013

Shironuri makeup attempt #1

I started off my first attempt with a very basic and floral themed Shironuri make-up, heavily inspired by the mori take that Minori takes on Shironuri.
Shironuri is a very interesting fashion, it has very traditional roots and takes its name directly from Shironuri which is the white make-up that Geisha apply to their faces. However the fashion itself steers away from kimono and takes inspiratin from other styles such as Mori, Vintage,Decora, Gothic and Seifuku, however it's super versitile and can be incorperated in to many kinds of fashions.
The look itself is very striking and I was first inspired by an outfit by Minori that was particularly Victorian-looking and really looked like something from Malice Mizer. I hope when I get better at Shironuri I can also do a Malice Mizer inspired outfit. The influences for Shironuri seem to be at a glance, theatre costumes, Japanese militaty wear, Youkai and forest spirits, clowns and Victorian clothes and even Guro and horror. Also i'm pretty sure I saw a bee inspired outfit...*__*

There was recently a "White Faced Monster Party" In Harajuku, which was covered by Tokyo fashion (shown here and it showed all the diverse styles that people intergrated with Shironuri and that the style itself is becoming really popular on the streets of Harajuku, so I can only hope that it may catch on here!

Ok~  Now I shall show you how I achieved my look!
I must stress it's my very first time and I didn't have the correct tools, as well as not being a make-up artist or even...Really knowing anything about makeup XD, however, enjoy~

Step 1.
I removed all my makeup with a facial wipe and applied some moisturizer to make my skin smooth.
Then I put in my Circle lenses, make-sure to do this first, before you put any makeup on because you really don't want to get any makeup on your lense.

Step 2.
I  applied the first layer of white makeup. You should really use the real shironuri make-up and also the wax and powder, I will be obtaining some of this for the Shironuri shoot we have up-coming, but for now I settled for simple white stage make-up. As you can see it became really dry and patchy, I didn't have the right kind of brush for this either, so some parts were un-even.


Step 3
I started defining the eyes with eye-liner. I used liquid for this in a sort of royal blue colour, but I'm sure any dark colour will do depending on the look, I tried making the eyes look big and theatrical. with the eye-liner I made a floral pattern, similar to the one Minori had for one of her outfits.

Step 4
With the lips, you can either put a really nude colour, keep them completely white or use a bold colour to contrast with the white, I chose a really bright bubblegum pink. I made sure to remove all the white makeup from my lips first!


Step 5
My hair colour did not suit shironuri at all so I decided to throw on a wig. I picked Babooshka from Geisha Wigs as the grey looked almost natural, and the kind of dusty shade that Minori wore in her Mori themed outfits, you can find it here: I added more white makeup at this point as it was starting to dry out and become patchy.

Step 6.
I decided I need more eye liner to make the eyes look bigger and some kind of hair accessory. I used simple floral cat ears that I thought matched the lip-stick and flower theme.

Step 7. Editing! Okok, if this were a shoot, there would be editing, but for now a simple Instagram filter will do to diffuse the patchiness.

As you can see the makeup is still patchy in places, but once I get the actual Shironuri makeup and decent brushes, I will try my second attempt. I hope more people try this style and if you do, show me pictures  ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ

Someday I hope to reach the level of perfection that Minori does:

Also there's an excellent blog post here on the influences of Shironuri:

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