Tuesday, 14 August 2012

New Blog!

 I'm moving my blog to here, as this is a more widely-used format. A lot of exciting things are coming up so I thought i'd document them!

Promoting at the Arigatou event in London -

 Early August:
I was lucky enough to be able to help promoted the "Arigato" event in London at the County hall. Set in the same place as the last London Matsuri I can't think of a better setting for an event in London. Right beneath the London Eye and across from Westminister Abby; this event was to say thankyou to all the countries that helped give aid during the time of the Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan.
There were various things happening on stage during the course of the week such as raffles, a DJ and an amazing Kami-Kiri (paper cutting) show.
The other people working were great fun, such as the elegant yukata girls and the incredibly cute Sachiko (pictured above) who came to the event in Decora style. We had a great reaction from the public, such as children running up to us shouting
I love events like this and Matsuri that show the general public the intricate traditional side of Japan too, instead of just media elements such as anime and J-pop.

My Co-ord for the day was Alice and the Pirates Vampire Forest print, with my chess-story blouse. On the other day I worked there I wore a Bodyline JSK and princess-style blouse for a shiro-lolita co-ord. That day there was a lot of girls dressed in sweet lolita and pastel colours, I can't believe how cute they all look!

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