Tuesday, 14 August 2012

App Spotlight: Alpaca farm

One of the many weird things I do in my spare time is trawl through the App store on my ipad to find "cute" games. Recently i've been asked to give people a lot of reccomendations so I thought i'd post them here instead.

Alpaca Farm

The premise is pretty simple; you are the proud owner of an alpaca farm and your task should you choose to accept is is to collect every colour of alpaca (and there's a lot). You can dress up your alpacas and shear their wool, but the main aspect of the game is the battle system. A lot of inspiration from this game is taken from pokemon, the battle system is turn-based, you can "capture" alpacas by using various forms of rope and there's even a "colourdex" which shows which colour alpacas you have collected. As a farmer you gain ranks and your alpacas also gain levels, a lot of time can be invested in levelling up all of your alpacas. What is really interesting is how they all have different stats too! this could have been improved upon if there were more than four attacks though, I found I didn't need to use the Magic Bullet attack at all.
Of course some colours of alpacas are rarer than others, which means their wool sells for more money. With money you can purchase buildings to go on your farm, upgrades and accessories for your alpacas. The farm itself is vary vast, albeit plain but just watching the alpacas totter around your farm is strangely soothing.

Overall I give this game a 4/5
It's a pretty high score as for a free game there is a lot of content and much time can be invested into it. From what I have seen so far there has not been a need to use real money to purchase things. The game loses points because although the environments are cute and quaint in an Animal Crossing kind of way, they can be kind of bland and the alpaca animations themselves sometimes look a little off ( I feel as though them being cel shaded was a way of the designer covering it up).
I will do an update post in a week or so showing how i've progressed in the game and what the end-game content is like. I thoroughly reccomend installing this app though, it's addictive for both adults and children alike!


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  2. Dammit Alpacas are so cute :3 I may have to download this cos I want them haha. Nice review. :D